REX Announce Support for Prepar3D

REX Game Studios is pleased to announce the expansion of their environmental tools for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D. For current owners of REX and REX OverDrive for FSX, a special license will be available which will enable REX and REX OD to be used fully with Prepar3D’s new technology. For commercial enterprises there is REX CE (Commercial Edition). REX CE has been in development and testing for over a year and employs REX’s new Weather Data Center, including an advanced new industrial weather engine. More detailed info on REX CE and REX P3D soon. About REX REX is an award-winning leader in environment simulation add-ons with connections to consumers, businesses, commercial enterprises and institutions globally. The company’s offering span global services and home

Orbx Announce New Side-by-Side Licensing Option for Prepar3D users

Orbx will very soon be offering a Side-By-Side License (SBSL) which will legally authorise you to use your currently installed FTX addons from within P3D. (For non-customer deployed use.) These SBSLs will cost a flat rate of AU$8.95 for every Orbx FTX product licensed this way. For more information go to the following link:

Orbx Releases PNW Demo for Prepar3D

Hi Everyone, Orbx have just announced the immediate availability of a free evaluation version of its FTX Pacific Northwest terrain. This is fantastic news!  Go to the following link to find out more. Here are the early-release links for the PNW Demo installer for P3D: Canada : Australia 1 : UK : America : Germany : I really recommend you try it out! Regards, John

Lockheed Martin will provide its Prepar3D® visual simulation software to power the National Flight Academy’s (NFA) immersive aviation experience

June 13, 2011 – Lockheed Martin will provide its Prepar3D® visual simulation software to power the National Flight Academy’s (NFA) immersive aviation experience as part of the academy’s hands-on approach to teaching the principles of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to students. “We believe in the mission of the National Flight Academy, which couples STEM curriculum with aviation to inspire youth about technological careers,” said Dale Bennett, president of Lockheed Martin’s Global Training and Logistics business. “With the call from our nation’s leadership – and that of our own corporation– to reinvigorate America’s innovative spirit, we feel it is

Developer Network Subscriptions

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that we have clarified the Developer Network subscription requirements and confirm that if you need more than two licenses per developer seat, you will be able to purchase additional subscriptions. This will ensure that you will be able to scale the license requirements to suit your specific needs, such as setting up multi-channel simulation systems and to test the multi-user/player features. Regards, John

Developer Network Feedback

Hi Everyone! The response to the Developer Network has been fantastic!  There are many of you that have joined and we are starting to see some amazing results in the Showcase area in the forum!  If you have not yet taken the step to join because you need more information, or have any other reason, let me know what those reasons are so that we can ensure we are addressing any concerns and make as much additional information available as possible.   The Developer Network is fast becoming a vibrant community and we want you to become part of it!! If