Train and Learn in Realtime Weather with FS Global Real Weather

FS Global Real Weather The Prepar3D SDK allows developers to create a wide variety of value-add training tools and solutions for Prepar3D.  One great example is FS Global Real Weather from PILOT’s which allows Prepar3D users to augment their learning and training with realtime weather data. FS Global Real Weather is a fast loading, easy to use, weather engine for  Prepar3D v1.4 and V2.x. FS Global Real Weather delivers weather data calculated out of realtime data of more than 24,000 observation stations (land and sea-based) worldwide. It also calculates air masses and temperatues for upper air levels on a scientific

SimControl Now Available on the Apple App Store

A Sophisticated Operator Station for Flight Simmers! ORLANDO, FL. – September, 2014 – SimControl enhances the flight simulator experience unlike any other app on the market. SimControl grants users the ability to reposition aircraft instantly, change the wind and weather, fail engine components or instruments for realistic training in your simulator, and much more without ever needing to get out of the captain’s chair or pause the simulation. This helps make the experience fun again by alleviating many of the common complaints, distractions, and tasks that require navigating through multiple computer screens. No longer will sim users need to interrupt

Wilco Publishing announces the P2006T by Tecnam for Prepar3D v2

The New Generation Light Twin-Engine Aircraft Prepar3D Developer Network member Wilco Publishing announces a new title in the HiFi Simulations series: the P2006T by Tecnam! The P2006T is a modern 4-seat light twin-engine aircraft. It is an excellent trainer for a twin engine aircraft as used by real life aircraft training companies. It is stable and provides superb all-round vision with the wing-high configuration.The P2006T features STOL and rough runway operation capabilities. The P2006T project is based on the revolutionary, new aircraft engine, the Rotax 912S. This engine is specifically designed to incorporate the latest technologies developed by the automotive

IRIS Releases PC9/A Pro Training Series Aircraft for Prepar3D v2

Fly one of the world’s most popular trainers Prepar3D Developer Network member IRIS Flight Simulation Software invites you to fly one of the world’s most popular trainers and experience a simulation unlike any other in its class! About the differences in developing for Prepar3D v2, Robert Graham, IRIS lead programmer had this to say: “The upgrades to the ESP framework that have come from Lockheed in the PREPAR3D 2 updates are from a programmers view point outstanding, addition of new coding items, the support that Lockheed has given both in terms of support and features is second to none. There

Flight1Tech Releases Real-World GTN 650/750 for Prepar3D

GTN 650/750 in your Cockpit The real-world GTN series gauges (each purchased separately) feature fully integrated GPS, NAV, COM, and MFD functions for all your General Aviation aircraft needs. The large screen and intuitive graphical touchscreen interface give you quick and easy access to terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, charts, traffic display and much more. Prepar3D Developer Network member Flight1Tech is proud to bring you the next generation in desktop avionics to your favorite add-on aircraft in Prepar3D. To purchase GTN 650/750 for Prepar3D visit the Flight1Tech website. Exclusive Gallery of the GTN 650/750 in Prepar3D v2.2

Enhance Your Prepar3D v2 Experience with FTX Global from Orbx

Prepar3D v2 supports an ecosystem of very talented developers and designers who build scenery and airport addons for Prepar3D. A great highlight of this partnership is Orbx. Orbx develops extremely high fidelity, award-winning environment and scenery expansions for Prepar3D. Orbx recently took their beautiful approach to re-imagining life-like airports and regions for Prepar3D and applied them to the entire Prepar3D globe. Orbx FTX Global creates an entirely new simulation experience for Prepar3D users. FTX Global Feature Overview and Highlights Orbx Simulation Systems – Total upgrade of your Prepar3D base world texture set – the entire globe re-imagined New ground

Orbx releases Northern California scenery addon for Prepar3D v2

Prepar3D v2 supports an ecosystem of very talented developers and designers who build addons for Prepar3D.  A great highlight of this partnership is Orbx.  Orbx develops extremely high fidelity, award-winning environment and scenery expansions for Prepar3D. Orbx has recently released their new FTX terrain region, NA Gold Northern California.  Their Northern California region supports and takes advantage of many of the new rendering engine features in Prepar3D v2, including the new ultra water, dynamic shadows, and enhanced reflection settings.  The new autogen instancing system allows for even more trees and buildings to be rendered than ever before for increased immersion

Fly Prepar3D v2.1 with Saitek Pro Flight Simulation Range

The Prepar3D team is proud to announce a partnership with Saitek where default profiles have been added for the latest Saitek Pro Flight hardware in Prepar3D v2.1. We encourage you to check out a recent blog post by Saitek for more information on their Pro Flight Simulation Range of training hardware. See an unboxing of their new X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. System here: See an example of the full range of Pro Flight simulation products offered that now support Prepar3D v2.1 here:

Carenado Now Featuring and Developing for Prepar3D®

Carenado, an award winning aircraft add-on provider and software development company is now featuring products for, and developing for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. The Prepar3D team has partnered with Carenado on modeling tool improvements and look forward to more great products from Carenado in the future. An image gallery featuring some of Carenado’s products have been uploaded to the Prepar3D Image Gallery. To learn more about Carenado and it’s award winning products, visit their website –

FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 for Prepar3D®

FSInventions has released a new version of the FSFlyingSchool add-on for Prepar3D®. FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 includes these expanded features. Voice Command Pack: This feature allows you to talk to your instructors. Use the Voice Command Pack to get updated information on your flight plan, destination airport, weather, waypoints and ground and air traffic. You can also ask the instructors to identify airports you see out of the windows. On Approach PLUS Pack: On Approach allows you to set up approaches to any runway in the world. FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 includes the On Approach PLUS Pack which allows you to set