F-35 by robnewmanToday announces the release of the first update to Prepar3D v3!

The Prepar3D v3.1 update is available now and can be downloaded from your Downloads page. If you currently own a valid Prepar3D v3 license, there is no charge to update to Prepar3D v3.1.

For the first time, we will be offering separate updates for the Client, Content, and Scenery. This will make updating faster and easier than ever before. Please be sure to read the Prepar3D v3 Download and Installation Directions for more details on how to update to the v3.1 release.

The Lockheed Martin Prepar3D team loves hearing about your experiences with Prepar3D at our Forums. The forums also give us an opportunity to listen to your feedback as we continue Prepar3D development. We’ve partnered with our forum users and with several featured developers to continue to bring added features, enhancements, and optimizations all while bringing additional backwards compatibility, bug fixes, and stability to Prepar3D v3.1. The new v3.1 introduces improvements to the water system, a new controller calibration screen, OGG audio support, and numerous bug fixes.

You can find a full list of What’s New below.

Prepar3D v3.1 – Release Notes

The following list of updates has been categorized based on the installer required.

The Client installer is required for Prepar3D v3.1, however the Content, Scenery, and SDK installers are optional. You must first have Prepar3D v3.0 installed to utilize the Client only installer. To install the Prepar3D v3.1 Client, you must first uninstall the Prepar3D v3.0 Client via Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel. The Prepar3D v3.1 Client update will require you to reactivate your product, however if you have an internet connection or have not made any major hardware changes between installations this should not be an issue. For more information please view the Prepar3D v3 Download/Installation Instructions from the Prepar3D.com Downloads section.

If this is your first time installing Prepar3D v3, you can simply install Prepar3D v3.1 directly.

Prepar3D v3.0 will no longer be available from Prepar3D.com.

Prepar3D Client

    General Platform Updates

    New Features

    • Added OGG audio file support
    • Added Scaleform sound support
    • Added axis calibration screen to the Control Settings Calibration tab

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed issue where BoatSim attached weapons would not transform correctly
    • Fixed bug that prevented AircraftPilotWaypointAI from correctly loading the WaypointTouchDistance property
    • Added “IgnoreInvalidLocale” option to Prepar3D.cfg
    • Fixed issue that would prevent the ATC window from opening when using certain vehicles
    • Fixed issue that caused input messages to not be received for an extended period of time on first launch
    • Fixed crash that would occur if mission page in Kneeboard window referenced file or directory that did not exist
    • Content Error Reporting now off by default
    • Improved Select Airport search functionality
    • Fixed issue that would cause doors to automatically close when near a fuel parking spot
    • Fixed bug that would cause avatar fall animation to display too often
    • Fixed bug where picture-in-picture view opened by scenario would become active when opened
    • Prevent On Screen Text from showing on secondary views
    • Fixed visual bug that could cause weapons to lag behind for one frame
    • Fixed bug that would cause realism overrides to get overridden with current system settings when saving scenario
    • Fixed additional UI layout bugs
    • Improved readability of InfoGen text
    • Fixed crash that could occur when autopilot key was triggered when no autopilot was present
    • Fixed bug where ATC message area would expand when no options were present
    • Fixed bug that altered menu appearance at high DPI settings
    • Fixed crash that would occur in scenarios when closing a MultiChoicePopup window that was opened through a MenuPromptTrigger
    • Fixed bug where weapons would not register mass and force properties when attached to pylons

    Rendering and Performance Updates

    New Features

    • Added dynamic reflections on objects by replacing the static environment map with a dynamic cube map
    • Special Effects can now be rendered on terrain and water
    • Enhanced visual quality of water offering greater fidelity at high altitudes and better wave dynamics with high winds
    • Boats now move with water surface elevation

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed issue that caused weapon trails to not animate correctly at long distances
    • Triton water updated to Cuda 6.5 and performance improved
    • Fixed issue where sea foam texture would not display across multiple graphics cards
    • Fixed bug where 3D water would not correlate correctly between multiple views
    • Fixed terrain spikes that would occur with multiple moving views
    • Reduced black textures when switching views showing previously requested objects
    • Fixed crash that would occur when more than 24 2D views were opened
    • Fixed issue with bump mapping where tangent was calculated incorrectly
    • Fixed color of emissive night only materials
    • Fixed lighting value used for nighttime reflections
    • Prevent sun and moon from fogging when volumetric fog is disabled
    • Fixed issue where last emitted extrusion would become detached from the emitter
    • Fixed bug that caused light effects to be overridden to use incorrect effect file

    SimDirector Updates

    New Features

    • Control modes now have hotkeys
    • Focal points can now be drawn outside the vehicle and placed in the world

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed bug where using gizmos near edge of screen would cause object to move unexpectedly
    • Fixed issue where objects with AI behaviors would not process without being assigned a waypoint list
    • Fixed crash that would occur when using MenuPromptTrigger to change user vehicle
    • SimDirector command line switch now takes precedence over the startup screen
    • Fixed issue that prevented large Sphere Areas from rendering correctly
    • Fixed bug where AGL property would be out of sync with actual placed object
    • Target Player can now be set to specific players within SimDirector
    • Fixed cases where visualization auto-center would position incorrectly
    • Fixed crash that would occur when running scenarios using legacy focal points
    • Fixed crash that could occur when quickly entering and leaving the backstage menu multiple times

    SDK and SimConnect Updates

    New Features

    • Updated window PDK with additional targeting controls
    • Special effects can now be flagged as decals
    • POV events can now be registered for ISimObjects
    • Added “ignore_input” panel config entry enabling mouse clicks to pass through docked panels
    • Panels can now support both xml gauges and Scaleform concurrently

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Added missing window PDK unregister callback functions
    • Cleaned up Simvar documentation
    • Fixed bug where setting global weather through SimConnect would not update at all altitudes
    • Fixed crash that could occur when detaching avatar while using Window PDK
    • Pick results requested through PDK now clarify if point is offscreen
    • Added ISimObjectManager function to get all objects within radius excluding traffic
    • Fixed bug that caused SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent to behave differently than in previous versions
    • Added content error reports for common Window PDK errors

    Multiplayer Updates

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Enhanced ISimObject multiplayer support
    • Updated multiplayer documentation
    • Fixed bug where host would not correctly serialize the visibility state of client avatars
    • Fixed bug where saving a scenario and then entering multiplayer would cause a blank Menu Window to appear
    • Removed 30 second wait that would occur when starting non-race structured multiplayer scenarios

Prepar3D Content

    General Updates

    • Fixed Beech Baron virtual cockpit light offsets
    • Additional updates to the India Foxt Echo F-35A

Prepar3D Scenery

    General Updates

    • Minimal accuracy changes for five south-eastern United States of America airports
    • Updated coastlines, lakes, rivers, and elevation model in Singapore

Prepar3D SDK

    General Updates

    • Scripts will now utilize user temporary directory preventing the need to run as administrator
    • The user now has an option to reference a local modeldef.xml in the same directory as there .max file
    • Fixed an issue where the Shader Tool rollout would fail to load
    • Fixed an issue where documentation would fail to load
    • Improved Shader Tool in 3DS Max to preview more dynamic options including diffuse, specular, day/night textures, and alpha testing

Thank you for your continued support for Prepar3D.

We hope you find that Prepar3D v3.1 continues to be the most immersive learning, simulation, and training platform available.