Iconic Aircraft Ready for Prepar3D v5

BlackBox Simulation may be considered a newer company, however with thier many years of previous experience, there’s not much they don’t know about flight simulation. The founders began creating add-ons for flight simulators in the early days of Microsoft Flight Simulator 5. Years later they decided to start BlackBox Simulation with an aim to carry their passion for flight simulation to higher levels than ever before by bringing new innovative ideas to the flight sim world with every product they introduce.

As of today, BlackBox Simulation has upgraded multiple aircraft to take advantage of the features in Prepar3D v5 including full PBR texturing. Aircraft include the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander, the Scottish Aviation Bulldog and Cessna L-19 Bird Dog. More aircraft are coming soon for Prepar3D v5, including their Airbus variants. Check out BlackBox Simulation store for more details.