Multiplayer Overview

Multiplayer opens up a wide new world of opportunities for pilots, vehicle operators, and Air Traffic Controllers to either work together or against each other (e.g. Racing) in a collective scenario. Before getting started, learn how machines using Prepar3D can connect to each other in the Multiplayer On A Local Area Network (LAN) article.

Once the computer's connectivity is verified, there are two options. Either:

  1. Host A Session
  2. Join A Session

Scenarios can either be unstructured scenarios or structured scenarios. In structured scenarios, the user either joins a predefined role or as an observer. While in unstructured scenarios, the user can choose their starting location and vehicle. Depending on the host's settings, vehicles can be shared among multiple users. In unstructured scenarios, the user can even pick to be an Air Traffic Controller and use ATC Panels to survey the airspace.

While in session, users can communicate over the radio or more simply chat using the Chat Window.

To fine tune the multiplayer experience, read the Multiplayer Settings article