Performing at New Heights – Introducing the all new Prepar3D v2

Performing at New Heights – Introducing the all new Prepar3D v2 The most affordable high-fidelity visual simulation platform on the market today is a few days away from revealing a whole host of exciting new features and capabilities. Create missions and learning experiences in minutes with the intuitive all new SimDirector! Prepar3D v2 will offer the highest-fidelity immersion brought to you by an all new DirectX11 rendering engine. Experience like never before realistic shadows, volumetric fog, dynamic lighting, special effects, cockpit self-shadowing, HDR lighting and much more! Also, we are proud to introduce Prepar3D Professional Plus for serious military training

Prepar3D v2.0 Developer Blog – SimDirector

   Becoming a SimDirector: Scenario and Mission Generation Prepar3D needed a new way to plan, design, and implement training and learning scenarios.  For that reason we created SimDirector, a complete mission and learning scenario tool suite that will ship free in all versions of the Prepar3D v2 SDK.  The main goal for SimDirector was to bring more refinement to editing the Prepar3D mission world and to help make it more intuitive and easier to create structured learning and training experiences. Prepar3D now meets it’s ‘learning missions in minutes’ goal we set out for from day one. With SimDirector users can

Prepar3D v2.0 Developer Blog – DirectX11

Prepar3D v2.0 Developer Blog – DirectX11 As many of you are aware, since the release of Prepar3D v1.4, and even earlier actually, parts of our development team have been working on Prepar3D v2.0.  With Prepar3D v2.0 coming out later this year, it has many new and exciting features which we will begin to highlight in developer blogs, and the spotlight of this first developer blog will be on Directx11. The core rendering engine in Prepar3D has been completely overhauled and updated from DirectX9 to DirectX11.  The biggest benefit to this is that now Prepar3D is able to better take advantage

Glass Cockpit Trainer Receives FAA Certification

ELITE Simulation Solutions and Flight1 Aviation Technologies have combined forces to build a new PI-1000 glass cockpit training device with the Prepar3D® simulation platform. The training device recently received Federal Aviation Administration certification as an Advanced Aviation Training Device. Designed for pilots who fly Cessna, Diamond and other aircrafts, the trainer is one of the few certified offering a glass cockpit. This allows pilots who fly with glass panel technology to train with glass and the visual realism offered by Prepar3D. The PI-1000 features an ELITE Pro Panel II Flight Console, ELITE rudder pedals, G1000 emulation hardware, an Integrated Standby

More is Better – 64-Bit Modeling Tools Released

The Prepar3D development team is excited to announce the release of an update to the Prepar3D v1.4 SDK – which includes new 64-bit modeling tools. The Prepar3D team heard the feedback on our forums that modernized and updated tools were needed to build more dynamic content, and the development team partnered with many leaders in the Prepar3D development network to implement their feedback. The result of that hard work is a free update to the Prepar3D SDK that allows developers to create much richer and more dynamic content for Prepar3D. You can download and read the release notes for the

Carenado Now Featuring and Developing for Prepar3D®

Carenado, an award winning aircraft add-on provider and software development company is now featuring products for, and developing for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. The Prepar3D team has partnered with Carenado on modeling tool improvements and look forward to more great products from Carenado in the future. An image gallery featuring some of Carenado’s products have been uploaded to the Prepar3D Image Gallery. To learn more about Carenado and it’s award winning products, visit their website –

Ontario Air Cadets Take Flight with Prepar3D®

Lockheed Martin provided Prepar3D® to the Cadet Youth Development Centre in Breslau, Ontario, to encourage youth to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The Cadet Youth Development Centre is home to the 822 Tutor Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. As a registered charity, the centre offers free access to aerospace and robotics programs for cadets and youth aged 12-18 years. Its Introduction to Aerospace Through Simulation program engages participants in aviation-based tasks where they build teamwork, leadership and resource management skills while experiencing STEM principles in action. Read more about the Centre and its mission in this

FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 for Prepar3D®

FSInventions has released a new version of the FSFlyingSchool add-on for Prepar3D®. FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 includes these expanded features. Voice Command Pack: This feature allows you to talk to your instructors. Use the Voice Command Pack to get updated information on your flight plan, destination airport, weather, waypoints and ground and air traffic. You can also ask the instructors to identify airports you see out of the windows. On Approach PLUS Pack: On Approach allows you to set up approaches to any runway in the world. FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 includes the On Approach PLUS Pack which allows you to set