Prepar3D 1.3 Licensing and Pricing Update

A few changes are in store for the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® family of products that we’re excited to share with you. Prepar3D® for Professionals – Based on user feedback, the Lockheed Martin team continuously expands the performance and features offered in Prepar3D for the most immersive learning experience. Today, Prepar3D 1.3 is available for your use. To download version 1.3, please log in at and then go to the Purchased Downloads page to retrieve your copy. If you are a current Prepar3D user, there is no charge to upgrade. Also, Prepar3D for professional use is now offered at $199.00.

Lockheed Martin Launches Academic Prepar3D® Simulation Software as a Learning Tool for Students

Lockheed Martin released academic licensing of its Prepar3D® simulation software to immerse students in learning and problem solving. The special pricing of $49.95 makes simulation accessible to the academic community for engaging the next generations in science, math and social studies curricula. Currently used for professional training, Prepar3D harnesses gaming technology for experiential learning. The software presents a realistic virtual world to support educational scenarios anywhere from underwater to suborbital space. “Simulation makes learning tangible,” said Chester Kennedy, vice president of engineering in Lockheed Martin’s Global Training and Logistics business. “It is ideal for concepts that have complex relationships or

Announcing the Release of Prepar3D® 1.3

Based on user feedback, the Lockheed Martin team continuously expands the performance and features offered in our Prepar3D® simulation software for the most immersive learning environment. In version 1.3, we’ve implemented several application enhancements and made fixes to improve the simulation platform’s stability and usability. “We’ve taken customer comments and suggestions from the Prepar3D Support Forum to make Prepar3D the most effective simulation tool for learning on the market. With Prepar3D 1.3, we focused on enhancements to the user interface, multi-player functionality for distributed training exercises and performance,” said Martile Allen, program manager for Prepar3D. Review the release notes for

Inspiring the Next Generation of Science and Technology Leaders

Florida middle schoolers had a chance to hear from the legendary Tuskegee Airmen and fly in Lockheed Martin Prepar3D during a February ceremony at the South Orlando YMCA Family Center. Supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, Lockheed Martin also presented $103,000 in contributions and grants to the YMCA and Oak Ridge High School at the event. Of that sum, $58,000 was directed to support one year of programming at the Lockheed Martin/YMCA Technology Center, the addition of the “Vision of Flight” Aviation Technology Program and the YMCA Teen Achievers engineering cluster. Oak Ridge High School received $45,000 in

Get Connected with Our New Video Tutorials

Get an insider’s tips about Lockheed Martin Prepar3D by watching our new tutorial videos! Software engineer Max Perry provides step-by-step directions highlighting what you can do in Prepar3D. The first two tutorials walk you through how to join and host training sessions in Prepar3D using its multi-player capability. Get connected with colleagues around the world in distributed training exercises and take your preparation to the next level. Watch the tutorials at our videos page.