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Wilco Publishing Releases Aircraft Models for Prepar3D®
October 29, 2012

Wilco Add-ons Image

Our friends at Wilco Publishing recently released aircraft add-ons for the Prepar3D® community. The titles available include:

  • Airbus Series Evolution Vol.1
  • Airbus Series Evolution Vol.2
  • CRJ NextGen
  • Citation X
  • E-Jets Series
  • Tilt Rotor

Please visit the Wilco Publishing website for details about these products.

The Prepar3D ecosystem continues to expand with new add-on options. It’s a great see the breadth and variety of features available for customized learning!

Video Tutorial Explains How to Import U.S. Geological Survey Scenery
October 24, 2012

Visit our U.S. Geological Survey website. Software engineer Max Perry demonstrates how to further enhance the terrain in Prepar3D® around more than 24,900 airports and add a customized user experience at no cost.

Watch this tutorial and others at our