Prepar3D®Announces ForeFlight Mobile Compatibility

The same ForeFlight Mobile app used for flight planning and enroute navigation is now available for your Prepar3D® simulations. With FSXFlight as the interface, your Prepar3D aircraft position information is sent to ForeFlight Mobile’s app, providing a moving map electronic flight bag. ForeFlight Mobile is another option to tailor your experience in Prepar3D to train how you fly. With this app, you can: Use the ForeFlight Mobile moving map Display aircraft position on taxi diagrams Display aircraft position on select approach plates View aircraft speed, track and altitude information ForeFlight Mobile is a best-selling app used by pilots and flight

GL Studio Delivers Advanced Instrumentation for Prepar3D®

The Prepar3D ecosystem continues to expand with new tools for training and learning. The DiSTI Corporation has announced that GL Studio is now compatible with Prepar3D®. Prepar3D users can use GL Studio powered by DiSTI’s new Lumen Engine to create cockpit and instrumentation content for simulation and training applications. The Lumen runtime engine for GL Studio is DiSTI’s newest advancement in human machine interface development technology allowing GL Studio users to expand their platform reach to include DirectX. This enables instrumentation integration with Prepar3D and other DirectX-based rendering technologies. For more information on the Lumen Engine, visit DiSTI’s website.

Wilco Publishing Releases Aircraft Models for Prepar3D®

Our friends at Wilco Publishing recently released aircraft add-ons for the Prepar3D® community. The titles available include: Airbus Series Evolution Vol.1 Airbus Series Evolution Vol.2 CRJ NextGen Citation X E-Jets Series Tilt Rotor Please visit the Wilco Publishing website for details about these products. The Prepar3D ecosystem continues to expand with new add-on options. It’s a great see the breadth and variety of features available for customized learning!

The Journey Continues with Prepar3D® 1.4

The Lockheed Martin team loves hearing about your experiences with Prepar3D® at our forums. The forums also give us an opportunity to listen to your feedback as we continue Prepar3D development. Based on user input, Prepar3D is launching version 1.4 on Aug. 20. This software release addresses software bugs and performance updates and adds the Mooney Acclaim (from Lionheart Creations) and T-6 Texan (from IRIS Flight Simulation Software) to the aircraft models available out of the box. With this release, Prepar3D is also certified AMD Eyefinity Gold. AMD Eyefinity technology supports up to six simultaneous displays off a single graphics

Prepar3D® in the News

Defense News’ Training & Simulation Journal recently highlighted two companies using Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® in their simulators. HotSeat Chassis takes disabled veterans to the skies for rehabilitation and training through their new Flex Sim flight simulator. Read more in the article Flying in Wheelchairs. Ryan Aerospace’s new dual-control Helicrew helicopter cockpit simulator provides an affordable training solution that’s between a basic procedures trainer and full mission simulator. Read more in New Helicopter Sim Is Technological Halfway House.

REX Game Studios announces release of REX Essential for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D®

REX Game Studios has announced the release of REX Essential for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D®, offering a photo-realistic, hi-definition environmental weather and texture package. This release enhances visual realism, and matches that realism to the underlying weather platform, creating an even more immersive training environment. “Over the past year our team has worked diligently, and as a result of our customer feedback, we added over 50 enhancements to our software solution for Prepar3D,” said Tim Fuchs, REX Game Studios senior partner . Enhancements include performance improvements, intuitive navigation, a new customizable, industrial-strength weather engine, FlightAware integration, a powerful new flight planner,

Video Tutorial Illuminates How to Get Started with Camera Sensors

Visit our videos page for a new tutorial that walks you through activating camera sensor options in Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®. Software engineer Max Perry demonstrates how to enhance training with night vision and infrared sensors. Camera sensors are one of the latest additions in Prepar3D, developed by our engineering team to provide the most realistic and effective training experience. Watch this tutorial and others at our videos page. To see the latest capabilities added to Prepar3D, review our Product Overview details.