Monthly Archives: September 2010

Website Outages
September 29, 2010

You may experience intermittent connection issues over the next few days due to the implementation of new features to the Prepar3D™ ecosystem. No worries though, the site will come back up very shortly after any outages.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and we thank you for your interest in Prepar3D™.

Sensor Sneak Peak
September 20, 2010

Hi Everyone

I have a couple of screenshots of some of the sensor work that the team is implementing in Prepar3D.   In military and law enforcement, there are sensors attached to cameras that measure infrared radiation to come up with an image.  These are used, particularly at night, in order to see the landscape in front of you and pick out objects that are emitting heat.  There are two main types of infrared sensor imagery.  “Infrared Black Hot” (IR BH) where the warmer the object, the darker it appears, and “Infrared White Hot” (IR WH), which means that the hotter and object, the whiter it appears.  The images below show a night scene in Prepar3D, with the IR BH sensor on. 

Prepar3D Night View

Prepar3D IR BH Screenshot

 ….and here is another shot showing the sensor view embedded in a gauge:

IR View in a gauge

Another shot of the IR view in a gauge. 


Prepar3D Forum online!
September 15, 2010

There is now a forum on this site. Please use it for all your Prepar3D™ discussion needs. To get there, click on the Forum link in the menu.

Update on Pricing and Availability
September 11, 2010

Hi Everyone,

There have been lots of questions to us on pricing and availability for Prepar3D. We continue to work on this and we should be able to make announcements on both in the coming weeks. We are looking for a formal release late Q4 this year and still have a lot of work to do behind the scenes to incorporate key updates and to ensure that all required legalities are in place for this. I am also working to get some more screenshots and teasers up on the website showing the wonderful progress that the team has made.I encourage visitors to the site to register and start communicating with us and telling us what you think and where you would like us to take the product!


Prepar3D Coming Soon!
September 3, 2010

Hi! I am the Program Manager for Prepar3D. This year, the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D team has been on an incredible journey; enhancing a code base of roughly 1 million lines of software written for the gaming community and readying it for use by serious professionals. We’re excited about the enhancements and soon we’ll be able to show you what we’re working on! Keep watching our website, techie bloggers will be posting soon, movies on development features are on the way and much more…