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Prepar3D v4 Screenshot Gallery:

Dynamic lighting and weather effects

Physically based rendering (PBR) support

3D trees self-shadow and react to wind

Accurate world-wide weather simulation

Fully customizable simulation models

Play back recorded sessions from any perspective

Global topography and regional textures

Fly through 3D particle effects

Realistic world-wide air traffic control (ATC)

Environmental visibility changes with volumetric fog

Ground vehicle simulation

Sea simulation with 3D waves reacting to wind

Shadows cast across the cockpit

Detailed cities across the globe

World-wide traffic including cars, boats, and aircraft

Cloud shadows cast over terrain

Weapon simulation

Visualize navigation aids in 3D space

Create advanced scenarios with SimDirector

Train aircraft procedures using Virtual Instructor

SimOperator Instructor Operator Station (IOS)

Prepar3D v2 User-Submitted Screenshot Gallery:
  • Our Prepar3D forum users have a great eye for showcasing the flexibility and power of Prepar3D v2
  • If you have screenshots you’d like to share, please visit our Screenshot Forum and send a link to your post to enquiries@prepar3d.com
  • Our website operations team will review submittals and your screenshots could end up here on Prepar3D.com!
Prepar3D v2.2 New Feature – Cloud Shadows:
  • The all-new DirectX 11 rendering engine in Prepar3D v2 continues to be updated with immersive new features
  • Cloud shadows has been implemented in Prepar3D v2.2 and adds to the level of fidelity of simulation and training
  • If you have cloud shadows screenshots you’d like to share follow the submittal instructions above
New Features Available in Prepar3D v2:
  • An all-new, modern DirectX 11 rendering engine that can take advantage of modern day graphics cards
  • SimDirector – a brand new, modern training scenario generation tool suite
  • The introduction of a new Professional Plus version of Prepar3D for military training
Prepar3D v2 Features a New Fully Windows 7 and 8 Compatible User Interface:
  • Get started training right away with the new Scenario Startup screen
  • Enjoy additional settings and controls over performance and rendering
  • Quickly browse and access your vehicles with the new 3D preview

Prepar3D v2 Content and Developer Showcase – Orbx FTX Global Base Pack:


  • Orbx Simulation Systems – fullterrain.com
  • Total upgrade of your Prepar3D base world texture set – the entire globe re-imagined
  • New ground and autogen textures, 3D night lighting system, and more!
  • For more information, visit the FTX Global Product Page

Prepar3D v2 Content and Developer Showcase – Orbx FTX Northern California Terrain Region:


  • Orbx Simulation Systems – FTX Terrain
  • ~115,000 sq mi reaching from Oregon’s Klamath Basin south to Monterey Bay and east across the Sierra Nevada mountains to Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Basin
  • All major roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, powerlines, windfarms and vertical obstructions are included for accurate VFR flying
  • For more information, visit the FTX NA Gold Northern California Product Page
Prepar3D Partner Software Showcase:
  • Orbx Simulation Systems – FTX Terrain
  • For commercial customers, Orbx is releasing special versions of their FTX terrain regions and airports for Prepar3D
  • 128,464 square miles of hand-crafted Orbx FTX Terrain
  • To download the demo, visit the Orbx FTX PNW Prepar3D Demo Page

Prepar3D Partner Software Showcase:


Prepar3D Partner Software Showcase:


Fully Backwards Compatible with your Favorite FSX and ESP Addons: