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Postby Stefan Schaefer » Tue May 07, 2013 7:04 am


I am writing here in public as a last resort.

Since P3D was released (or shortly thereafter) I am a holder of a developer license for P3D. I used to be in contact with John Nicol, whom I know to be no longer around.

We (that is PILOT'S GesmbH) develop add-ons for FS and since lately for P3D. We do that since 1995. In fact PILOT'S was the first company ever to release a textured scenery add-on (Hong Kong Scenery) for FS5.

Since April 17th now I try to get contact with a successor of John. There must be someone, who answers non Support questions (i.e. as product announcements to be posted at the P3D timeline, such as the Carenados, or other inquiries, etc), or simply questions which are not suited for the Forum.

I wrote to:

no answer.

I posted a PM and directly emailed (I admit to a guesse email address such as a Software Team Member I know IS around.

no answer.

I phoned Lockheed Martin and experienced a phone system, which, after several automated connections, told me to enter the extention of my party or stay on the line for the operator, who never came and again automated told me to enter an extention.

Could please someone of the P3D Team, who has taken over agendas of John contact me with an email address via PM or the contact page at our Website

thank you very much!

Stefan Schaefer



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