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Postby High Iron » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:54 pm

Hi gentlemen.

Not sure it this belongs here, but it's the closest to topic I can find.

I'm having issues with the aircraft shadows option disabling its self. I select the option and will have aircraft shadow's for a while but then they will disappear. Usually after a longer flight, ex. greater than an hour.

When I return to the menu, the options is deselected, and even once checked again, it uncheck's its self after selecting "Accept".

I am aware of AI causing problems with the user selected weather and cloud draw distance, but I am not seeing any correlation with aircraft shadowing. I have been able to keep it functioning when I edit the line in the configuration file but eventually it gets turned off again. When I run short test flights, with AI, the shadow remains active. On longer flights it becomes disabled and very difficult to get back. Any ideas?



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