Phantom .WX file populating SimDirector Folder

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Phantom .WX file populating SimDirector Folder

Postby jbullfrog98 » Wed Aug 05, 2020 5:29 pm

I'm working with multiple different SimDirector scenarios. When creating the scenarios, I'm adding a unique .wx file for that scenario (for example; "missionname.wx"). That is a skies clear, zero winds weather scenario. However, periodically (and seemingly unpredictably), an addition .WX file is added to the folder while I'm switching between Preview and SimEditor modes. The result, is winds aloft 270 @ 15 knots and airspeed drop of 10 knots (likely due to groundspeed increase induced by the tailwind offseting my OwnShip initial airspeed conditions).

If I delete the .WX file and restart the scenario, it clears. I'm just not sure why that .WX is inserting, and why it contains winds aloft.

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