Oculus Rift S issues

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Oculus Rift S issues

Postby Jonny12345 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:13 am

Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help.
I've just installed P3DV5 on my PC and also OrbX True Earth England Central. I'm actually blown away with it and how well it runs, incredible. However, yesterday I thought I'd try VR and the performance was awful. Basically unplayable for me in VR.
My PC specs are:

I7 8700k @ 5ghz
Strix OC GTX1080Ti
16GB RAM @3600mhz
Liquid cooling for both the GPU & CPU.
I have P3D installed on a separate SSD to Windows.

I spent most of yesterday trying literally everything, even turned all settings within P3D down to their lowest but still I'm getting horrendous stuttering. It doesn't appear to be stuttering caused by poor frames because my FPS are high, more like an input lag issue.

I've tried all different modes of the Oculus ASW too but that made no difference. Tried limiting FPS in the sim and also set it to unlimited but no matter what i try these stutters are awful.

Also tried switching the modes, Single Pass, Stereo etc but nope, no joy.

I can't get the Rift to lock at it's native FPS of either 40 with ASW on or 80 without, the frames are jumping around like crazy.

Worth mentioning too that I installed the Hotfix2 also.

I'm usually pretty good at sorting these issues out but this one's got me stumped so I'm hoping someone can help because as it is currently it's unplayable in VR. On the monitor with TrackIR it's glass smooth with very high FPS.

Thanks guys, Jonny

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