AI related crashes in 4.5

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AI related crashes in 4.5

Postby obinder » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:49 pm

Hello @ll,

in my LorbyLiveTraffic app I make extensive use of creating AI both with flight plans and with waypoint lists. The app is utilizing several of the available AI aircraft libraries.

Unfortunately it happens quite often that specific AI models crash the sim hard (=CTD, no error messages beyond ntdll in event log, no exception messages).

In my current trials I am using the freeware AI models from FLAI. In 4.4 I was able to track these crashes down to a specific model, the "A320 CFM" variants. By replacing this model with a different product, I have had crash-free tests ever since.
Now with 4.5 the crashes are back, but it must be for a different reason, since I am still using the same libraries. It seems to be the remaining A320 models from FLAI, but I am not sure yet. (this would be so much easier in debug mode or at least having a debug log...)

Would it be possible to handle exceptions in that area differently, so they don't shut down the whole simulator application? And give some indication about what has gone wrong?

Best regards
Oliver Binder

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