Couple of quick SteamVR questions

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Couple of quick SteamVR questions

Postby Avidean » Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:44 am

I'm new to VR. I am using SteamVR.

1. I mapped "Recalibrate Origin" to a button on my joystick and it doesn't work. I can only Recalibrate Origin by getting the VR drop down list from the top menu and hovering the mouse over it. Then I put the headset on and look straight ahead and grope for the mouse to click. This works but is very awkward. Is this failure to map this command to a joystick button a bug? The mapping procedure completes normally.

2."EnableGazeSelection" YES, means that the white sphere cursor stays in the middle of the screen when the user moves their head around. Right? So when its "NO" the cursor is moved by the mouse. Right? Id so when I set it to "NO" nothing changes. The cursor remains in the middle of the screen and moves by head movement only. mouse had no effect on it?

3. If I am right in 2 above, should I be able to interact with switches and dials in the Virtual cockpit with the mouse buttons and wheel? If so its not working if put the sphere over a switch and click nothing happens?

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Re: Couple of quick SteamVR questions

Postby Kayla Kinzel » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:27 pm


Have you tried going through our debugging steps? ... 2&t=123246

Specifically, try deleting your generated files.

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