Oculus Update health and safety warning

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Oculus Update health and safety warning

Postby Jay Dunn » Sun Oct 14, 2018 7:30 am

All Six of our P3D Oculus Simulators have the same problem. After the latest Oculus update; When you look in the headset you see a “Health and Safety Warning” (I smell a lawyer) and it says to click anywhere to ‘acknowledge’ tried the keyboard, the mouse, the stick, the throttle, to No Avail. Here is our work around: Found that if you open Oculus; Oculus> Settings> General(Tab)> scroll down to Rift and Touch Safety> click the Slide to Off> Slide the safety notification OFF (the slide is Blue) Note: You Must ‘Play the safety video’ Play video Now> once the video is complete> then click on Acknowledge> The Oculus VR headset works, BUT, Now a new Oculus VR Hurdle. PROBLEM = Every time you Reset Scenario> and get the P3D hour glass the VR goggle display goes back to some Oculus home page. The P3D simulator jumps back to the Video Monitor screen. To get back to the Oculus VR one must Click on the P3D Virtual Reality (Tab)> and ‘Disable Virtual Reality’> then Click again on the Virtual Reality (Tab)> and Enable Virtual Reality>
Before this Oculus update we were able to Reset Scenario’s, change aircraft, change scenarios all while in Virtual Reality mode with the Oculus headset on. Now every time you change aircraft, weather, location etc. the Oculus exits P3D and you must disable and then reenable Virtual Reality. My Nvidia gtx 1080 Ti drive is up to date. P3D V Anyone have a solution for this? Perhaps HTC Vive?

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