DLLStart/DLLStop never called

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Postby DevSim » Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:00 am

HI P3D Team,

I have a DLL using SimConnect to talk to P3D. As per the SDK documentation, I have added DLLStart and DLLStop to my Project.def file and added them to the input for the linker, coded them in the module but they never get called.

a) Is it crucial, to call SimConnect_CallDispatch() within DLLStart once to have it registered and called automatically one new packets arrive?

b) Does it need a specific method of loading my DLL from the DLL loading process to have DLLStart/DLLStop active?


c) does the DLLStart/DLLStop methods only run, if the DLL module is loaded on the machine where P3D is running? (client side load via DLL.XML)



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