Setting MIP with P3d and FSUIPC

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Allan Fulton
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Setting MIP with P3d and FSUIPC

Postby Allan Fulton » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:55 pm

Good evening all,
Can anyone advise the best way to setup my MIP or point me in the right direction to get help, I have tried contacting the Flight Sim Community but not had any replies.
Im running P3d simulator, Prosim 737, I have opencockpits modules, what I want to really know should i run 2 computers? 1 for my main outside views and running P3d and prosim, and the other just a basic computer to run all the screens for my MIP.
If this is the case does anyone know how I set this up using 2 computers? and what I should install on the lower end machine? do I require to load P3d on both machines or just the main one, and how do the 2 machines talk to each other.

Thanks so much in advance
Allan (newbie)

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Re: Setting MIP with P3d and FSUIPC

Postby Mikesim » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:06 pm

Hi Allan,

first of all, I have no idea about Opencockpit modules and if SIOC asks any special "treatment" as far as PCs are concerned. All my modules MIP to OVD and pedestal are from cpFlight.

Generally you do not need more than one PC but in any case it should be better to have two. The first question is the number of screens you need and if your GPU can manage this.
So f.e. in my case I have a GTX1080 Ti, which is a more or less high end graphic card and if you are using 3 monitors for the landscape/outside look, you can only run one additional screen for any other purpose (I am using it as monitor for the ATC).
All other screens, two 18" monitors are for the PFD/ND of CP and FO, UPPER and LOWER EICAS and the FMC/CDU make already another 5 GPU connections. So it is worth to have a second PC.
As far as the second PC is concerned, there is no need for a high end machine, as long as it can support a GPU with the number of connections you need.
P3D on the main (server) PC, ProSim (with its server) is recommended to run on the main PC as well. All display functions and the FMC/CDU run on the client PC. You just copy this part of the ProSim suit to the client PC.
A further advantage of a second PC (or even more) is the setup for ProSim audio (or further programs contributing sound. You can than sounds, like engine noise, atmospheric sounds etc lead to different speakers. In my case wind comes from above and the front engine and flap noise from behind, rolling, brakes and gear from beneath the cockpit. The ATC and the ground crew talks via a small 10" monitor, where I display the ATC menue. The speaker is not very good and that makes the voice as it should, quacking.
And I have seen solutions even much more sophisticated. One can spend a lot of time in that.

Once you install the displays (ProSim) on the client PC and configure them, you are asked for the server address. You can either use the one ProSim is offering ( if I am not mistaken) or the one your server PC has in your network (in this case it is important, that you have fixed network addresses for all equipment activ in your home network!

Best regards

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Re: Setting MIP with P3d and FSUIPC

Postby voss1917 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:14 pm

I run OC4BAv4 software on 1 PC using 1 GPU GTX 1070 + TH2Go to fill main view and all MIP screens.

No need for 2nd PC or ProSim as I use PMDG B737NGX. Simpler, cheaper and better than other solutions.

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