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Postby JeffPreston » Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:01 pm

FSInventions announces the expansion of their product line with a new version of their Award Winning FSFlyingSchool add-on for Prepar3D v5.

Visit the FSFlyingSchool Website at http://www.fsflyingschool.com/features- ... or-p39.asp

The DEMO is free and has no time limit.

Discounted upgrades are available for registered owners of any previous version.

FSFlyingSchool Pro 2020 takes FSFlyingSchool to a higher level with several new features.

Several incremental improvements have been made to FSFlyingSchool Pro 2020.

The following are the new features added since FSFlyingSchool was last described here in the Prepar3D forums:

Now supports P3Dv5
Prepar3D has once again evolved into a new version and FSFlyingSchool is keeping pace with it! You can now fly with your team of FSFlyingSchool instructors in the very latest version of Lockheed Martin’s ground-breaking simulator!

Now includes Career Analyzer Version 2
FSFlyingSchool pilots have relied on the powerful information shown in the Career Analyzer to show them which areas of airmanship they need to work on.
It just got better!
Now with improved graphing logic the Career Analyzer now allows the pilot to compare 2 sets of data alongside each other so that patterns can easily be found.
Landing speed too high because flaps are not down? Banking too much to the left but not to the right? Now you can find out!

Next Level Pack Included
Now you can experience a new level of attention and help from your chief instructor Mr Smith.
Pilots are used to this sort of level only with FSFlyingSchool Detail Pack planes; not any more!
Mr Smith is always looking for ways to improve your performance and get you flying with expert skills. This new pack will take your instruction to the next level.
With Mr Smith's help you'll soon be familiar with useful load, never exceed speeds, fuel capacity, flap and gear speeds and much more.
In addition... he'll let you know if you should abort a take off or a landing. He'll advise when you should use more throttle on your take off run and climb... and a lot more besides!

New 'Enter Traffic Pattern' option for On Approach Function
Check this box if you wish to begin your approach on a course that will intersect the 'Downwind' leg of the traffic pattern at an angle of 45 degrees. You are placed with the same distance to fly as was chosen for the Base leg before you reach the Downwind leg abeam the mid-point of the runway. You will be at at 1000 feet AAL (above airfield level). (Several of these settings can be changed if you wish - full details in the manual supplied with the free demo). You will then be able to select it for a left or right traffic pattern and to choose the length of the 'Base' leg of the traffic pattern.
This gives you a powerful new tool to quickly practice joining the traffic pattern!

Cessna 172 PRO Pack Included
Pilots have been enjoying the extra level of instruction that comes with the Cessna 172 Detail Pack included with FSFlyingSchool for many years.
Good news!
The pack has been greatly expanded with the inclusion in FSFlyingSchool PRO 2020 of the new Cessna 172 PRO Pack.
Look at these new features:
- Interactive shutdown sequence where instructor calls off and monitors each step and waits for the correct sequence to be followed.
- Instructor reads drill if engine fire occurs in flight.
- Instructor reads drill if engine fire occurs on ground.
- Advice on maximum altitude.
- Monitoring of use of pitot heat and advice on its use.
- Advice on short field take off procedure at short fields.
- And more!

REMEMBER - The features listed above are just the features which are NEW in our 2020 version for Prepar3D v5!

To find out more, watch movies, download demo, etc, visit the FSFlyingSchool Website at http://www.fsflyingschool.com/features- ... or-p39.asp

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