Warpalizer and the tale of the lack of instruction

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Warpalizer and the tale of the lack of instruction

Postby Knish » Fri Jun 14, 2019 9:58 pm

Hi All,
I created my account today and am pleading for help.
My friend and i (In conjunction with multiple company partners) are creating one of the first Boeing 787 home cockpits for use in Education. One of our partners happens to be Warpalizer, a well known brand for multi projection warping software. The guys are Warpalizer really have been very generous for providing us with software but we have run into an issue on the P3D side of things and are asking for your help.

So each projector (3 of them) has separate values in Warpalizer. Warpalizer overall has been properly configured and the Grid Lines match up as they are supposed to. Keep in mind that the software is set in Sphere mode as instructed to us by the guys at Warpalizer.

Now the tiny amount of info the guys have says we have to use the camera manager and set the values for each "channel" there. After about an hour of searching, i did not see any area for inputting in channels. What i did find though was the View Group Management tab which seems to have the correct areas and inputs for this stuff. Now here is the issue.

Warpalizer requires you to use Nvidia Surround or in our case AMD Eyefinity. The issue is then that Windows detects these projectors as one big display and so when in View Manager, the Display Adapter 1 is the only one that works. There is no documentation out there at all for anything involving Warpalizer and P3D with Eyefinity. I have been working on this for over 12 hours now and i am at my wits end. I just have no clue on where to look or what to do. Any help would be much appreciated as our unveiling to press for the simulator is next Friday. We would greatly appreciate any advice you have.

Looking forward to the replies,
Team Project Dream

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Re: Warpalizer and the tale of the lack of instruction

Postby Jessiediehl » Thu Jun 11, 2020 7:12 am

You should use the duplicate displays mode that allows the laptop and the projector/TV to have the same content. Your computer may not be in a mode that displays the presentation on the external display properly.


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