Delay in Receiving Reactivated License

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Delay in Receiving Reactivated License

Postby gjgriff » Tue Sep 29, 2020 11:15 pm


Excuse my impatience, I have already emailed all the needed info re the instructions here in the forums and on my license portal page to and received my auto-response. I have also checked the FAQ's and my license portal page but the activations still remains at zero. I had no idea at the time but have since learned by reading information that I should have properly uninstalled/deactivated Prepar3Dv4 prior to changing my system, which would have prevented this issue. My bad.

This will be the 3rd day I have not been able to use Prepar3Dv4, taking into consideration the time difference between the East Coast of the US and Western Australia, because I haven't received my license reactivation and it's driving me nuts.

I think my partner is going to leave me too lol, because I've been bored I've been making myself a big nuisance around home lol. I've been an avid sim enthusiast ever since FS98 lol, and an older chap obviously haha, retiree with over 30years experience in the aviation within the Defence and Border Forces areas.

I really thought I would have received a very happy email this morning when I woke, it was the first thing I checked, with my reactivation details but unfortunately, this was not the case. I'm absolutely positive my partner would have been happy also to be able to lock me into my sim room today, all day haha :)

I had many issues with my computer over the last week or 2 and have reset and reinstalled my Windows 10 OS many times but my error was to do this but keep my personal files, which I think was the mistake, as whatever personal file that remained on my computer was the one that was corrupt or infected and hence, presented the issues I was having with numerous CTDs of Prepar3Dv4 I was getting.

So after resetting and re-installing unsuccessfully both my W10 OS and P3Dv4, I decided to totally wipe clean my computer with a full reset of W10, with the removal of all files and apps (after backing up on and external drive of course), and purchased a SSD.

I have now a beautifully clean and fresh computer like it was brand new with the latest updated W10 OS, graphics drivers etc installed, I have successfully installed the P3Dv4 on the SSD with no other addons whatsoever installed on the hard drive of my computer or on the SSD and now I sit and wait in anticipation on the 3rd day without being able to use it and see if I was successful, because I don't have a reactivated license :(

I understand the reactivation of licensing takes up to 1-2 business days but I think this has already passed, especially if business days are considered say as 9am-5pm for an example.

I received my auto-response from at 07:04 (7.04am) US EDT in the morning of Monday 28Sep20. It's now 18:30 (6.30pm) US EDT on evening of Tuesday 29Sep20 as I write this, so I'm guessing that is Monday and Tuesday being 2 business days (9am-5pm)? Unless of course if is located on the West Coast of US, or anywhere else in the Pacific, in which I would still have a couple of hours yet to wait. Or was it that Monday in the US was a holiday? I don't know the answers to these questions so I'm sorry if I'm jumping the gun with this post.

I haven't even dared running P3Dv4 yet for fear of messing this completely clean reinstall up. Should I try it though, maybe I should try using the password that came with my original purchase instead of my account password? These are the things going through my mind as I sit and stare lovingly at the P3D icon sitting on my desktop, for another day... arrrrghhh!

Oh that's right I have a partner as well hahahah! All in jest :)

But seriously, I don't have anything against P3D, I've had many many many hours of enjoyment as a satisfied customer and user of P3Dv3 and P3dv4 over the last few years so thank you very much, it's a fantastic product.

And now there is P3Dv5 and MSFS, the next gen so to speak of flight sims out there. And of course I have been considering upgrading but haven't yet made up my mind. This delay or complicated issue of receiving a reactivated license may very well trigger me to go back to MSFS though, not because I'm not happy with the P3D product, it's great, but simply because as a consumer, we tend to purchase those products that present the least amount of fuss now and into the future. It's natural instinct, especially for grumpy old retirees like me.

I'm guessing at some stage in the next couple of years I will upgrade my hardware as well so I will need to be reinstalling simulator software of some kind in the future and certainly now, activating the reinstalled software in the future is certainly a consideration for me as a consumer wanting to purchase a new product.

Apologies for this long rant, which in all its long and bland detail, goes to show how truly bored I am waiting lol. Not to mention the potential divorce I will be receiving anytime soon haha :)

Best wishes to all, I hope my reactivation email comes soon and again, thanks for a great product.

Greg Griffiths

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