Is P3D v4.4 still available?

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Is P3D v4.4 still available?

Postby WGMD54 » Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:31 pm

Folks, hi!

I spend some hours for a 100% clean install of v4.5.
Unfortunately I'm now suffering of awfull blurry textures. For your info: ORBX Global, Vector, LC, etc. installed, a clean as well.
I tried various trics but no solution.

Strange enough this wasn't the case in the set-up I used to have: v4.4 'vanilla' and v4.5 upgraded from v4.4.
1/ Anyone else having this issue? Or maybe a suggestion?
2/ Is P3D v4.4 still available?

Thx and regards,

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Re: Is P3D v4.4 still available?

Postby JorgenSA » Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:30 pm


I will answer your questions in reverse order:

2. No, v. 4.4 is not available, only 4.5 HF2.

1. When you installed v. 4.5, you hopefully took a flight. Were the textures then blurred? If yes, you had a problem with P3D and your computer settings. If no, no problem then and you could proceed to install your first add-on.

Now comes the tricky part: install the first add-on and

A. Take another flight to test. Are the textures blurred now? If yes, stop and contact the add-on manufacturer for a solution. If no, install the next add-on and go to A again.

This is how you must do it in order to isolate the problem. There are no shortcuts in this process.


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