V3.2.2.16659 to for AS16 and ASCA How?

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V3.2.2.16659 to for AS16 and ASCA How?

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I have just purchased AS16 and ASCA, when I tried to run it with my Prepar3D v3.2.2.16659, I was told I needed versions TO to run it. As I don't intent to install V3.3 as yet, because I have it running to perfection. How do I update my to When did this update become available, I can't find this version anywhere.

steve southey
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Re: V3.2.2.16659 to for AS16 and ASCA How?

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Steve -

Prepar3D v3.2.3 was released shortly after v3.2.2 to fix an issue regarding subscription license activation. If you are not using a subscription license, then v3.2.2 should function exactly the same.

We only offer the latest update available for download. Currently, that's v3.3.5. If you want to remain on v3.2 and you were unable to download the v3.2.3 installers while were available, then you'll need to stay on v3.2.2. But like I said before, it's the same as v3.2.3 except for the one change mentioned above.

- Mike
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