Default F22 ADF NDB

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Default F22 ADF NDB

Postby Helmi67 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:02 pm

I am flying the latest Prepare 3d v3 version with the default F22 plane. Everything is fine apart from the
ADF aid. I can set the frequency in the sub NAV pages and thats it. No NDB information is displayed.

With a different aircraft I can isten to the same set NDB frequnency, which means it must have something to do with the F22 instrument only. I am referring to NDB STE 293 Steinhof near Vienna, which marks the entry of the RW 11 glideslope of LOWW.
I also could not find any gauge to view the coarse deviation to the NDB , like it is in any other simpler aircrafr available.
I know the F22 manual, which does not tell more on viewing the ADF distance and bearing.
Does anybody have experience with the NDB ADF navigation aid of the default F22 ?
many thanks

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Re: Default F22 ADF NDB

Postby Helmi67 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:04 pm

I found out that the ADF flag in the Raptor's Aircraft.cfg file is by default 0.
After changing to 1 the NDB was received with its bearing.
However a ADF display gauge is still missing, maybe somebody else knows?
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