ATC Procedures / Restrictions & NOTAM

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ATC Procedures / Restrictions & NOTAM

Postby PalmPilot » Fri Aug 28, 2020 1:42 pm

Would it be possible for ATC to reflect and behave according to current airport operational conditions, taking NOTAM into consideration?
For example:
-Operating hours, closing/opening and changes of airspace classes
-STARS & SIDS, vectoring avoiding obstacles such as radio masts and mountain ranges
-Navaids out of operation, ILS, VOR, PAPI etc.
-Closing of runways due to maintenance
-Noise abatement procedures
-Control zone entry/exit VFR points
-Holding patterns
-Other "hazards" such as hot air baloon, parachute jump, sailplane activities
-Weather advisory
-Request/Demand flight plan, PPR, clearances reflecting current AIR space class. Potentially warning and/or kicking user out of air space if not adhering to restrictions/conditions e.g. London Heathrow Class A
-Scenery reflecting NOTAM conditions?

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