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Make ReSample 64bit and threaded

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:23 pm
by Rob Ainscough
LM Team,

Now that I'm getting more involved in scenery/airport development. I noticed some rather significant limitations to some of the SDK apps/tools.

ReSample.exe has:

1. A 2GB input TIF limit (assume a hold over from FSX days of 32bit)
2. Is a 32bit app (slower on modern 64bit hardware and OS)
3. Is NOT threaded (single core only)


For a 500MB or so TIF+INF it takes about 20 minutes to produce a single BGL. As you can see from the image above I have 20 logical cores and only one operating ReSample.exe (the rest doing nothing).

Since this is a fixed static task (finite start and finite end) it should be relatively easy to segment into 20 separate threads so that all my cores can work on each threaded segment (similar to what Adobe does on rendering output). This would effectively drop my processing time down from 20 minutes to about 1 minute. And if one has better hardware (this is just 7900X 10/20) with more cores the process would be even faster.

This would be a huge efficiency improvement in getting Photo Real imagery out to a customer base.

Cheers, Rob.