More ATC Suggestions

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More ATC Suggestions

Postby miraclemax » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:34 pm

ATC wish list:

1. Nags: Edit Voice Pack allows one to speed-up the ATC transmissions. This 'speed-up' is vital when having AI traffic set to a high setting. However, when ATC coms are speeded-up it causes ATC 'nags' to occur almost immediately (within 10 seconds) after an instruction to change altitude or direction. The nags then continue if you are not quick enough to complete the required maneuver. Great if one has a co-pilot but that is not always the case. Could the nag delay be increased somehow?

2. Diversion R & L: P3D ATC currently offers increase/decrease altitude options. It would add more realism if one could also request deviation Right or Left of course (e.g. due to WX etc.) 20 and 40 NM option should be enough.

3. Descent Distance: In my opinion, the beginning-of-descent (as instructed by ATC) is given too late. Airliners like PMDG, Aerosoft Airbus Pro etc, need more time/distance to descend to altitude as instructed by ATC. For example: Descending from FL330 requires considerably more distance than the typical 99 to 105 nm that ATC usually allows. One can just request a lower cruise altitude 150 nm or so out fm the destination; that seems a little unrealistic though, since it is ATC that should be giving the instructions concerning descent (in most cases... maybe??). (not a RW pilot, but listen to much ATC and have passengered over most of the planet)

4. User Interrupt: With a lot of AI TFC and with ATC speeded-up with Edit Voice Pack , the user has to wait until ATC is finished communicating with AI before reading-back. At high AI percentages, this can be problematic. Possibly some kind of interrupt that would allow the user to complete her/his transmission and then ATC can finish with AI.

5. And for the far, far future: Oceanic routing, HF,SAT,CPDLC... etc. (Probably..., none of which will be in use in the "far, far future").

6. Voice accents keyed to regions.

Thanks for listening.


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Re: More ATC Suggestions

Postby JoeFremont » Sun Aug 25, 2019 5:12 pm

I agree with much of that.

Voice with regional accents would be great, its often too easy to understand the mid-western accents of the current voices that you would not hear on international flights.

RW ATC will often tell the pilots the speed and decent rates they should use, it would be great if P3D could do that.

Declare an Emergency: If a pilot has a problem and need to get on the ground now, ATC should not route them out 30 nm for a standard approach.

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Re: More ATC Suggestions

Postby B77X » Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:11 am

Allowing callsigns for AI and user aircraft including in traffic files with letters in them. Ex Callsign BAW219V

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