Realistic Fuel Load Time

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Realistic Fuel Load Time

Postby jahman » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:05 am


Pet peeve of mine: Instant fuel loading! And even in flight!

This is a carry-over from flight sim's old days when ground services were not available. But now that sophisticated groud handling/services are available...

Heeeeeeeeeere's my request!

Please add an aircraft "fueling rate" variable in pounds, GPM, etc. so the fuel loader module can accurately time the fuel load. Of course as fuel gets loaded, oleo struts compress (and not necessarily evenly if the CG is displaced front-back, left-right, as fuel is loaded).

Fuel trucks and hydrants also merit their own fuel rates, so the actual aircraft fuel rate is the lesser of the two rates. For example, the 744's fueling rate is 64,000 Gal. / 44 min = about 1,454 GPM, but would drop to half that if the gate's fuel hydrant is only able to connect to a single fuel receptacle at a time.

Of course this feature also merits a checkbox to enable-disable.

NOTE: While accurate fueling times might seem a minor cosmetic detail, this feature might be crucial for tactical scenarios involving aircraft refueling.


- jahman.

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