Autogen Cities Optimization

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Autogen Cities Optimization

Postby T REX2018 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 3:19 pm

The scenery complexity slider has one of the largest impacts on frame rate in my set up. My feeling is that the large buildings in the autogen cities could definitely use some optimization. For example, at KCLT when facing away from Charlotte and scenery complexity on dense, I get a solid 30fps which is what I'm locked at. This drops to 22-24 as I pan towards the city proper. Now on the same flight, same settings, descent landing and parking at FSDT KJFK and Drzewiecki NYC, I maintain solid 30 fps.

All of my major 3rd party city add ons perform far better than default city scenery AND look much better. These include Prealsoft Frankfurt and Leipzig, Drzewiecki Design Seattle, New York and Miami. Far more complex and dense scenery than default but with better performance.

Since all city sceneries are not available from 3rd parties, some optimization of the default cities will be appreciated.

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