Document SimConnect wire protocol

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Document SimConnect wire protocol

Postby dfb » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:08 pm

The SimConnect interface has the potential for a lot of development flexibility because it allows for out-of-process clients over a pipe or network connection - in theory this means that SimConnect clients could be written for any device, in any programming language, using any development tools.

But this flexibility is effectively "locked" because the wire or message protocol is undocumented (as far as I can tell - I'd love to be wrong about this!), such that clients must be implemented in certain languages and must link against certain library versions (in the case of a C++ application, it's even worse - you also have to use a certain version of Visual Studio).

As one example, I don't use any of the managed languages like C# and I'd prefer not to write my SimConnect client in C++, but given the choice between the two, I decided to go with C++. But after banging my head against the wall with linker errors, I finally realized that the problem is that I'm using Visual Studio 2015 but the P3D v3 SDK expects Visual Studio 2013.

It would be fantastic if LM could simply document the wire protocol for SimConnect - I'm not even asking for you to provide any libraries or implementation or anything. Just document the protocol and let the community create code as needed for each version of the protocol. Having this documentation would open the way to using any tool, any dev environment, any language, and any platform.

I'd love to either get access to this information or hear a discussion around why it's not feasible. But please, if there's any way to do this, it would *significantly* open the door to a broader swath of developers. Thanks!

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