Aircraft not being displayed at correct positions MP

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Aircraft not being displayed at correct positions MP

Postby Bonesie85 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:44 pm

Hi all,

Another topic on the multiplayer with the latest update. The previous 3.2 update everything was fine in our multiplayer sessions. We could log in just fine and fly just fine, all aircraft were being displayed at the correct position. Everything was very smooth and we could easily fly in formation without any problems at all.

However, since we have updated to version we are experiencing issues with aircraft not being displayed at the correct positions. We had another MP session with 8 different aicraft (and 1 laptop serving as a 'host' by hosting the session as ATC with all scenery settings set to complete minimum). It's weird but people were seeing aircraft pop up at all sorts of different places. One would see aircraft X flying overhead an airfield, whilst some other people in the session were seeing the exact same aircraft 15 nm from that exact airfield. We have had aircraft being displayed at -35.000ft for some, whilst others were experiencing the same aircraft to be flying at 5.000ft. It's a mess, aircraft are not being displayed where they're actually flying, altitudes and positions different for almost everyone in the session (not all though) and formation flying is pretty much impossible with these issues.

We have changed nothing in our setup at all. The only thing changed was the update from

There was an option that appeared since the update to 3.4: the "enable high frequency update". We tried with this option disabled and enable. With disabled it seemed to be a bit better at first, but as we started to take off the same issues returned. My session host laptop has intervals set to 0.3 for the host and client 0,2 (host). Laptop is hosting with a cable connection (150 mb down, 15 mb up) and all other people are also using cable connections. Like I said, this setup used to work fine in P3D 3.2 and FSX, after the update we're having issues.

Could anyone help please?

Adam Breed
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Re: Aircraft not being displayed at correct positions MP

Postby Adam Breed » Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:49 pm

HI Bonesie85,

Could you please take a look at the following guide and let us know any results and more details on your setup?


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