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Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:06 pm
by billn53
I have the Saitek multi-panel (a.k.a. switch panel) installed and working, more or less, with P3D v2. I've noticed that for some aircraft, such as the F-22, the panel switches for aircraft lighting are not working. I do have 'Pilot controls aircraft lights' checked in settings.

In the FSX Cessna 172 (ported to (ported to P3Dv2 by copying over the aircraft folder), the landing gear lever, engine rotary switch, and switches for avionics and fuel pump work fine, but most of the Saitek panel's light switches have no effect on the aircraft lights. The switch for the landing light controls instead the aircraft's beacon. What's really strange is that when I toggle switches on the multi-panel I can see the appropriate switches moving in the VC. Nonetheless, the aircraft lights aren't responding correctly even though the VC switches toggle correctly in response to the multi-panel input.

I'm using the Saitek panel drivers, not SPAD.

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:22 am
by soulmaril
Actually the problem is with the master battery offset. The master batter offset seems to become read only which effects FSUIPC applications cant turn on the master battery. Saitek panels communicates over FSUIPC. When the master battery is off then your lights will be off even the toggle switch is on.

By the way "SPAD" is strogly recommended instead of saitek's own drivers which is piece of garbage.

You have nothing to solve the problem until p3d team fixes the bug.