Multiple GPUs for multiple displays?

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Multiple GPUs for multiple displays?

Postby metacraft » Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:33 pm

Hello all,

I currently run P3D V4.5 with three 1920x1080 displays, all on a single GTX980 TI video card, with an i7 4790K. This gets pretty acceptable frame rates, except with complex add-on airport scenery, especially with dynamic lighting.

I am current putting together a shopping list for a new PC. This new PC will run P3D V5, with the same three displays. (The displays are actually 4k TVs, but I run them in 1920x1080 resolution since my system simply cannot handle 3x 4K displays.)

My main question is whether or not I would see any significant performance improvement with the new system if I put in three separate video cards, each driving a single display, rather than a single card driving all three displays. My understanding is that P3D v5 is still mainly CPU-bound, and people are not seeing anywhere near full utilization on their GPUs.

So, should I get a single high end video card like the RTX 2080 TI and run all three displays, or purchase three separate video cards? And if I do go with three separate video cards, would it be worth buying three high end cards like the 2080 TI or would that just be a complete waste of money and I should instead buy three lower-spec video cards?

Also interested in hearing any suggestions on which CPU to purchase. I'm currently thinking an i9 10900K for max clock frequency potential, given that P3D is still highly CPU-bound. I've also seen suggestions for getting an i5 10600K since they can be overclocked easily and it has more than enough cores for P3D. (This machine will only be running P3D, everything else will be on a separate machine.)

Thanks for any guidance!


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Re: Multiple GPUs for multiple displays?

Postby KEMIC » Fri Jun 12, 2020 1:51 pm

I am still running P3Dv4.5 but recently upgraded to a GeForce 2080TI and run 4 monitors off that without an issue. 3 50" HD 1080 TVs @1920X1080 and a 12" screen for my GPS also running 190x1080. I also run 3 18" USB monitors using Displaylink and a 10" tablet for a kneeboard connected via Spacedesk. I have no issues flickering. I rarely get over 40% usage on the GPU. I have all my graphics setttings maxed out at ultra except for water which is set at high without any issues. I do run MSI Afterburner to overclock mem to 7500 MHz and GPU Clock to 1515 MHz. the balance of my set-up is in my signature below. I would suggest you would be well served with one good Graphics card rather then multiple.

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