new honeycombe yoke

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new honeycombe yoke

Postby oldspot96 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:41 pm

Hi people--Hope this is on the correct bit of the forums.
I have just ordered one of the new Honeycomb yokes to replace my, now dodgy Saitek from which I have had great use over the last 7 years or so. However, I note that whilst it has a button for Nav. lights, there is no keyboard command for it in the option/key assignment lists in P3Dv4 .I see that it has already been set up for for X Plane!! Wonder why???
I have looked on this forum to see if there is anyone posting on this new gear and I am surprised that there is nothing here on any of the threads, unless I have missed it.
When it arrives and I set the buttons up with the input configurator can I just activate the button on the panel and enter the command TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTS (Events I.D) in the box and it will work in P3Dv4 and will it show added to the options list?
Or what? It seems a bit daft if I have a switch marked NAV and have to allocate something else to it from the key assignment list
It seems that most all who have asked on other provider's forums have replies that say use or other 3rd party add ons, which I do not have, or just "peter out" without, seemingly, a solution.
Any help or advice would be much appreciated as I am sure that there must now be a lot of people out there with these yokes following the first delivery who have solved the problem. Or do they all have a 3rd party add on.
If there is no way of solving it, could it be done with L M adding the correct info as a fix or in its next update?

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