Multichannel recommended GPU?

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Multichannel recommended GPU?

Postby HLFS » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:21 pm

Dear everyone,

we are evaluating upgrading the hardware of one three-projector-simulator running P3d v4.4. It's a multichannel configuration, with one computer running the host and hardware of the sim, and one the visual. The visual client has two GTX970 running three projectors, the middle attached to one card, the left and right projection to the outer.

As we want to increase visual quality, we want to exchange the GPUs. Is it better to replace the three GTX970 with one hardcore GPU (direction of RTX2070) or preferred three GTX1070? I am thinking bottleneck PCIe, the CPU is a 40 lane capable of 16x/8x/8x configuration with the mobo, but I do not know if this is enough. SLI configs are useless as I can only use one monitor here, and we need the three projectors seperated for multichannel. Does anybody has any experience?

Thanks and best regards,

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