Steam Vr & Nvidia Single-Pass

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Steam Vr & Nvidia Single-Pass

Postby idefixgallier » Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:48 pm

Dear folks

i am using Prepar3d very often with the Samsung Odyssey HMD for VR.
Therefore you have to use SteamVR ...

SteamVR has a mode called "overdrive" what renders the picture with a higher resolution and scales it down (DSR?)

But how does this work together with the Nvidia Single Pass - supported by P3D?

SteamVR overdrive states a pixel resolution per eye according to the choosen percentage (e.g. 2500x1700 with 150% instead maybe 1600x1440 with 100% ... just numbers). But if i set single pass rendering only one frame is rendered according to Nvidia. But what resolution is active then? Both eyes within one frame (eg. 5000x3400 according to the example above) or just one frame with 2500x1700?

Or is the VR Overdrive only working with Stereo Mode VR?

Can somebody give me a hint pleasE?

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Re: Steam Vr & Nvidia Single-Pass

Postby Beau Hollis » Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:46 pm

SteamVR tells our app what resolution the headset needs and we create targets that match. You can also enable SSAA in Prepar3D which will have a similar impact on quality and performance because it also relies on rendering at a higher resolutions and down-sampling. We're not using anything Nvidia-specific for single-plass. We still create two render targets outputs which are the same resolution. The difference is that we submit one set of draw calls and use some GPU-side tricks to render them to both outputs with one call.
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