LM help- problem with 2d panel display on 2nd of dual monitor rig

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Postby farkarwee » Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:45 pm

It's looking good LM. Thanks but....

I have a triplehead2go plugged to my gtx670 running outside view

A 1600 x 900 2nd screen plugged to m/b graphics chip to run the 2d aircraft instrument panel (cockpit view).

In windowed mode I un-dock, drag 2d cockpit view to monitor 2, size it, then alt/enter to full screen.

In V 1.4 you could move the 2d panel around without it intruding on the bigger monitor 1.

Not so now that I can workout. How does one anchor it to monitor 2?

I stopped using 1.4 because of these kind of problems on the promise that it would be fixed.

Please...somebody in authority...resolve this issue.

I want a an 'out-side' view with vc on 1. and a 2d panel on 2., such that it is independent of 1. You did it with 1.4 in an ever convoluted way but now??????

Some support please.

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Postby SimSamurai » Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:31 pm

Please repost here if you resolve this quickly and what the issue was. I am in the process of building a dual seat cockpit with 2 screens for instruments and will use a secondary video card to display the outside view via a Matrox TH2G and three LCDs. I certainly don't like hearing about bad issues like this out of the gate. My confidence just crashed. I was about to buy P3D v2 this week but....

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Postby Double J » Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:57 pm

I use two monitors as well and this current set up is ridiculous. Why can't you move a guage to a second monitor without losing half of your fps? Playing with full screen mode doesn't help much either. There has to be a fix for that nonsense.

I can't believe that no one in the beta testing wouldn't have brought that issue up....Add that to the terrible AA and this is almost unusable.

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Postby farkarwee » Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:23 am

Hi Guys,

I think I have made my problem clear enough but LM are in no hurry to respond. Maybe we should have posted in the 'hardware' section! If I could move it I would.

Now, in the interim, to solve one of my aircraft issues, I hunted down a 2d 737 800 free panel on the web.

It needed to start its gauge layout from the first line of the window (auto pilot on top)and that way you resize on the second screen from the bottom up.

Once established, switching between windowed & full screen did not disturb the layout. From memory the config saved OK too. Hooray!

So, because of the way I use the sim,

1. th2go in vc mode with view adjusted to show just the zoomed border of the cockpit and maybe top line of auto pilot.

2. screen 2 below the th2go with just that aircraft's 2d panel (cockpit mode)

Unless LM can help with this problem, I must find appropriate 2d panels for each aircraft I like to practice on. (i.e. no blacked out areas before the gauges display.

Hope that makes sense.

Having now got two of my favorite planes organised I can now enjoy Prepared V2

I loaded Orbxglobal and can't stop flying at dusk. The sim is smooth and running beautifully on my i5 o/cd to 4.3 plus gtx 670 and ssd drives. Cloud transitions are great straight out of the box.

Me thinks the wait has been worth it.

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