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Postby petar91 » Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:50 pm


I've a Saitek cyborg force + X52 throttle.

Like in reality, in FSX planes auto-stabilize with the appropriate power and speed (the piper cub and the Aircreation delta from FSX), and just have to increase power to gain altitude or to decrease to lose altitude.

but in P3d v2, i've a myterious thing, every plane pitch down and lose altitude if i didn't pull the joystick, even if i'm at full power, planes didn't auto-stabilize. So i've to play with the trim to stabilize them, even if trim is not a mecanical part of the plane.

do i need to configure something in P3D ? or is it a P3D V2 physical model and i've nothing to do ?

thanks for your answer.


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