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Postby halawra » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:16 am

Just bought P3D Academic license few days ago and starting to test it. I am a FSX simmer since version 5.0. I spend too much time almost daily on the sim. I am not intending to leave FSX, I love it and I have tons of purchased programs and Addons that are worth thousands of dollars. I hope I would be able to migrate these licenses over to P3D when I get truly hooked to it. First impression are the better default scenery I am experiencing. I have a high end PC that I bought recently for FSX only. The down side is that it does not seem that FSX cares about high speed 6 core CPU with Hyperthreading tech, 16GB of high speed RAM and a 3GB of Video Card GTX580. I have not seen any much imporvement from my previous PC that would worth the hefty cost I paid for this PC.

Any way, I am happy now that P3D seems to appreciate extra resources and benefits from them. I tried similar default location and default sceneries (settings sliders are all maxed out in both programs) , the difference is big in terms of results. Frame rate are even better in P3D while all options are set out to max. I am having fps from 20 to 30 which is fine considering my greed while setting the scenery options to max. Sceneries, water and objects are crispier as well. I am using the 4096X4096 option and happy that we can go that far in P3D.

Any way this is is a short first impression, I will keep testing the new sim. I have shifted some of the Heavy airplanes already to try flight planning and the CEssna 152 and 172 to try the touch and go and to explore the scenic here and there.

The main issues I need to address is:

When loading a flight the airplane would run at full throttle. it would be enough to move the Saitek throttle a bit up and down to neutralize. this is happeneing whenever I go to a menu, or load new airplane or a new flight. I tried some fixes which I read over the net. i.e. setting the throttle sensitivity to max and the null zone to min. this would work for a bit, however, when I do anymore changes or change airplane or anything I would have the same issue. the throtle settings woudl be still at max to sensitivity and min to null zone. this is really awkward and annoying. I had issues with the brakes setting in the Saitek rudder, but that I could fix and the new settings is fixed and not occuring similarly to the throttle issue.

looking foward to be able to use my other saitek products on P3D. I have the full set of panels as well as six instrument panels. currently nothing is working except the Yoke, the Trim wheel and the rudder pedals. I look forward to have the drivers to make them work with P3D.

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Postby janvaane » Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:58 am

Hello Rabih, use SPAD and FSUIPC and your issues are solved.

You may want to read my stuff here:

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Postby Arismac » Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:18 am

G'day Rabih, you must also make certain that you have FSUIPC Version 4.853 (or later) installed because earlier version are not designed to run with Prepar3D.

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Postby halawra » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:13 am

Thank you. Do I need a registered copy of DFDUIPC 4.853? can the freeware version do the purpose.

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Postby McGuireFP » Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:38 pm

Hi Rabih, sounds like you have an awesome setup there. You're absolutely right though, FSX makes no use of those extra resources you have, or rather the code wasn't written to correctly recognize them. However; P3D DOES recognize the resources, especially the GPU resources so you must surely have an excellent Sim going for yourself there..incedible I'd say.

I wanted to add that selecting the "reset defaults" setting within the controls group, can and will help iron out issues such as yours..

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