I only see Skeleton

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I only see Skeleton

Postby johnliem » Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:20 pm

I put this topic earlier in the wrong support so, I hope the moderator can delete the other one which in the multiplayer support, thanks

I do not use P3D V5, for a while, and when I start the simulator as usual,
I choose one of default, when I am outside I can see the plane but when I go to the cockpit I see only skeleton,
see attachment, what I have done so far I uninstall my Nvidia driver 2080Ti then I reinstall it, the same result,
I uninstall the client only and the reinstall it still the same result and finally I reinstall again P3D V5 overwrite existing, but still the same. this issue also happened with other payware aircraft, and I do not use shade, Windows 10. any idea how to fix this issue,



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