Oculus Rift S in SteamVR mode - Levitation

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Oculus Rift S in SteamVR mode - Levitation

Postby Yanis » Fri Oct 02, 2020 12:42 pm

Hello all,

P3D v4 on a Ryzen CPU, nVidia RTX 2060, using Oculus Rift S.

When I enable VR in Oculus mode, everything is good. However, if I start it in SteamVR mode, it seems I'm about 6 feet too high, for example, in the A2A C172 trainer, I'm sitting on the roof of the plane. It does this with all planes and tower view. It looks like it's not related to any plane, default or not, it's the simulation itself.

Now, I know that Oculus is the preferred mode since the HMD is an Oculus, however, I need some functions that are only available through SteamVR for the moment.

I tried to find a way to lower myself in position, but no results yet. Anybody would have an idea of things to try?


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