Runway where there isn't one.

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Runway where there isn't one.

Postby FCXEVV » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:34 pm


Whilst looking at a program that runs external of p3d for showing on a map where I am and taxiways etc, I started taxing at one of my local airports where I have spent many hours - EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport.

Was checking how accurate the maps where compared to where I was at the Airport, starting point on runway 32 was OK,
thought I'd taxi to the terminal along taxiway D.
Map didn't show exactly where I was but the shock was when I arrived near the parking aprons that there was an holding point at D27. There hasn't been a 27 runway at Leeds for donkeys years so why on earth has LM put one in on the scenery.
It was removed on FSX.



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