FPS drop loop

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FPS drop loop

Postby alexdevoto » Sun May 19, 2019 3:52 am

Recently I noticed my simulator has been going thru some kind of FPS drop loop. To explain: whenever i'm in the outside view i always get 60fps no matter what (except in some situations where the dynamic lighting is too much) however I've noticed my sim has a small stutter and following that the fps will drop to 40-48 outside and its visibly framey. After a while it'll fix itself for a little bit and then back down. I have a few addons like chase plane etc. so I tried running the sim without them but it still occurs. I'm attaching a link to a youtube video i recorded. The video is done at FlyTampa KLAS but I tried at other airports and the issue still occurs... I'm on version 4.4 of p3dv4. i7700k, gtx1080, 16gb of ram. Please help me I am somewhat despaired. https://youtu.be/W6Zuz9qo0gI

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