A peculiar issue

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A peculiar issue

Postby FlyVP » Sun May 12, 2019 4:59 pm

Hello all,
I come seeking advice, as it seems I've got some strange, unique issue.
I'm currently on P3D V4.4, and with very certain sceneries, I get heavy stuttering, the sort of stuttering where time stops and catches up. You can see what I'm describing here, using the default F-22 at Imaginesim's Changi scenery: https://youtu.be/m36yEPFQBjg

Notice when I pan it stutters quite badly.
Looking into this, I checked my GPU performance, and noticed when still my card was at about ~50% load, but when I panned it would spike up to 100%, constantly sort of choking on it.

Interestingly however I recalled that I had a scenery of the past that caused this same issue, which cropped up when I changed my motherboard and CPU. I used to use MSPG Simulation's RAF Valley scenery, where despite the airport being less sophisticated, it stuttered even more! I reinstalled it to see if it was the case:

Sceneries such as AS Heathrow, or Imaginesim's Shanghai airport do not suffer from these issues.

To be clear, a few days ago I had completely wiped anything to do with P3D and had a clean install, so it can't be some corruption of the install.

When talking with Imaginesim developers, it was suggested to me that my card had issues managing MIP(I don't know what that is, but I think it's to do with mipmaps), so I swapped out my existing card and tried my older one, issue still persisted.

My computer specs are:
ASUS Z170I mobo
6700K OC'ed 4.4GHz

There's some conflict or mismanagement occurring, but for the life of me can't place where it would be.
If anyone has any idea over what the solution may be, it would be hugely appreciated.


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Re: A peculiar issue

Postby downscc » Sun May 12, 2019 5:09 pm

I call those time stops then catch ups 'long frames,' for that is precisely what is happening. When rendering scenery objects (any 3d model that is included in scenery that is not autogen or default buildings, such as terminal buildings, landmarks, wind turbines, etc.) P3D will sometimes hang while the objects are rendered and texture applied. Land or terrain textures do not do this, in fact if the computer cannot keep up with rendering terrain it will simply become blurry but the frame rate will not suffer. There is very little that the user can do with these other than turn down the scenery display distance or scenery complexity.

I blame this on LM and there must be something going on under the hood that they need to fix. I suspect is has to do with how P3D searches libraries when referencing objects even if the library is not required. Just guessing but the bottom line is that this is something LM said they improved in v4.5 but I see very little improvement.

One developer (Flightbeam) has adopted design techniques in their products that minimize this effect, by controlling how or when objects are rendered such that not all objects at once become 'visible' at the airport. I doubt others will follow.
Dan Downs

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