Flightplanner Fuel/time for Trip is wrong

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Flightplanner Fuel/time for Trip is wrong

Postby Hawaiianstyle78 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:13 pm

Im still suffering from this issue. Did a complete reinstall of P3d v4.4. Followed directions and reinstalled P3d v4.4. Reinstall went perfect. Im still suffering from the flight planner giving me the wrong IFR planned Time/Trip for FUEL. why is it doing this?? I select the PMDG 737 and its telling me that from KLAX to PHNL the flight time is 1 hour and 38minutes and the fuel is way off. P3d is recognizing the Raptor default plane for my trip time and fuel. I select the Aerosoft a321 and its telling me same thing. I select the default C-130 and its telling me the same thing. I select the Captain sim 757 and its telling me same thing. The only way it works is I load up the flight plan and go to the gate with whatever aircraft I choose. Then once im at the gate, I have to reload the flight plan again, I click on the Nav/flight plan information and NOW the trip time and fuel is recognized. I have to overwrite the plan and it reloads the plan at the same gate and now it works. This needs to be fixed. For some reason the Flight plan whenever selecting any plane in the startup menu always recognizes the Default Raptor plane. this is a flaw

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