Vegetation density and TREE issue

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Vegetation density and TREE issue

Postby williguido » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:59 pm

I am having 2 issues with vegetation:

1) Scenery tree without alpha channel
Every scenery update I need to replace the ..\Scenery\Global\texture\ tree as it has no alpha channel. Could this be checked and if true replaced?

2) Vegetation density issue
After P3D and W10 anniversary update (unfortunately Windows installed it at the same time frame) I discovered that after P3D start the displayed vegetation density is very low independent of the setting. After changing density to a lower setting and back to ultra-high things are as before.
I hoped that this would disappear one day but unfortunately it stays.

I appreciate your advice to fix the density issue very much.

W10-x64 with 8GB of memory
P3D V.3.4.22. .19868

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