P3D 2.4 > got no word... woww!

Any issues, problems or troubleshooting topics related to the Prepar3D client application.
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Post by gabrielgiacomino »

Fresh install now ready. First tests without any add-ons went smoothly. Now reinstalling the ORBX world and addon aircraft. For those who are without ASN weather for the moment both FSRealWX and FSXWX weather engines work with 2.4.

Indeed thanks to LM for their continued development. Hans
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Post by Penz »

I haven't had much time to check out things yet, but my first 2.4 impression was "wow!" too.

Thank you LM Prepar3d team. :)
- JP "Penz" Pedersen - in the Territory.
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Post by hjsmuc »

Sorry, can't say that. First impression, 5 frames less in any saved scenario. Have to admit though that I did the quick and dirty upgrade. Will do a full reinstall to see clearer. First important add-on which refuses cooperation is the GTN750. I wonder what it is that makes every new add-on work so randomly with P3D. I am not a coder but really curious why each update brings us improvements and new problems alike. Many may have said it before but I as well would love to see LM jump on the wagon and develop an all new 64-bit version 3.0 which on purpose would not work with any add-on from the FSX/FS9 time. I'd rather start from scratch than go through the compatibility issues again and again. And I must add that my number of add-ons is really limited and rather new than old.
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Post by SWA4420 »

I'm holding off until other developers (FSDT, etc.) update their files for this 2.4 version....
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Post by gabrielgiacomino »

Yeah. first impression is wow.. long flight gona tell us the thruth! lol
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Post by RossG »

FSDT already updated the addon manger.
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Post by gabrielgiacomino »

hjsmuc : I did a fresh installation and im more then happy. im not a big fan of updating . prefer to install fresh. take more time but you sure everything its clean
daniel douville
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Post by daniel douville »

Did the patch, no real addons but Thessaloniki x, wow+

Very smooth and improved fps

Just waiting on ASN:)
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Post by ibelarry »

I did the relatively quick update install of v2.4 using Rob's install procedures http://forum.avsim.net/topic/452190-pre ... day-92914/

every thing seems to be working just fine. Performance is much better than v2.3. No problems with my many addons so far none of which I had to reinstall as I backed up my folders and just added the key files back into the updated install. My only complaint thus far is that the water textures are even uglier than before.
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Post by OldAirMail »

I too did the update and am VERY pleased.

The clouds are absolutely great.

The aircraft wakes, while not perfect are FAR, FAR BETTER!

And my yoke is now responding almost back to normal. I'll just need to make a few adjustments to get it back to the way it was before.

All in all this is GREAT! :D



PS - Just to see how it behaved, I pushed everything to the max.

Surprise, surprise!

The FPS on my old AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card dropped down to around 10 or 12, BUT the flight was very smooth.

True, I was over ocean, but still....



I'm still planning to replace it in a week or two. But I'm not so sure how much I'll spend now.

The P3d team seem to have pulled a big rabbit out of their hat. :D

Thank. Y :D U!
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Post by rsvette12 »

Nice shot Airmail - great job LM Team - thnaks
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Post by mta00jtl »

Really looking forward to getting this loaded up in the next couple of days.

Has anyone had a look at their VAS usage so far? I know that one of the fixes was:

"Fixed an issue with BGL objects that were causing a memory leak and crash"

VAS issues were the only thing I struggled with in 2.3 so wonder if these have been fixed, particularly in known VAS heavy areas like CYVR with Orbx PNW. I'll be sure to report back my experiences once I have it sorted but it would be good to hear how others are getting on!

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Post by aroebl »

Looking good! Thanks Guys. :D
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Post by cabnz »

Patch went very well - And it looks and runs great.

Thank you LM :)


John Fields
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Post by John Fields »

Hi there!

I did a clean install of 2.4 version.

It's great!

It runs very smooth in my system!

Thanks LM!