Massive frame loss when not using True Sky in P3Dv5

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Massive frame loss when not using True Sky in P3Dv5

Postby SlatsOnly22 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 12:33 am

Hello there! I've looked all over the forums for help on this but I couldn't find anything similar. I am using P3Dv5 version, which is the most recent to the best of my knowledge. My issue is that when I switch from Advanced Atmospherics (TrueSky) to default clouds, I have a tremendous performance hit. I thought I may have encountered some error with addons, so I did a clean uninstall of the sim, and the issue continued. Here is P3Dv5 with no addons or settings changed: Advanced Atmospherics on (87 frames): And here is default clouds (19 frames): As you can see, there is a massive hit when changing from TrueSky. I would just continue to use TrueSky and forget this problem but TS has so many issues that its not really viable for me. Is this a problem that everyone has? When I have asked friends they don't seem to get this problem. I actually get more frames in v4 than im getting in v5 now with the standard clouds. If there is anything you feel I may be missing to diagnose this, please comment and I will edit as needed. Thanks!

for those who can't see it at first, the frame rate is shown in the bottom left corner of the screenshot.

I have no cloud art or extra shaders active, this is default P3Dv5

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